Concrete has been a part of my life since I was a child.  Everything I know about this medium has evolved from my experiences in my family’s 100 year old concrete business. There have been both tragedies and tribulations along the way.  At an early age, I was introduced to arts and crafts by my mother. Throughout my life I have explored pencil and charcoal drawing, glass carving, and clay sculpting. I enjoyed all of these mediums but my art soared when I used the material that I knew best, Concrete. This material was in my blood and a part of my life.


Initially I worked out of my garage.   I studied and experimented with different casting techniques, mold materials and the composition of the concrete.  I knew that all this would be reflected in the appearance of the concrete.  I also started using both metal and glass in combination with the concrete. You can see the different processes and materials in the furniture and vessels that I created during this period.  Then I moved to sculpting the human form. This was very difficult and challenging.  I used wax and clay as mediums to express this exploration. Whether it be hands or a bust, I was amazed how the smallest detail could change the mood and expression of the piece.  I then created models from clay that could eventually be cast into larger concrete sculptures. Since my garage could no longer accommodate the size of these pieces, I moved my operation to a sand pit at my concrete plant.  My first sand cast piece was “Esteem”, with its post-industrial organic appearance, it is a study of form and how it evokes emotion.


 There is a burning passion that has guided me in my work and drives me to create art that evokes emotion. This desire has propelled me on my journey as a self- taught artist.   I believe my work is pure. It is a part of my soul.